Marketing Co-Counsel

Strategic marketing consulting & creative services for the legal industry.

Business Development Pathways

Give your firm the advantage you need to win the complex battle for clients and success.

National Exposure / Thought Leadership

Compete on a national level for complex cases. Inspire the legal industry with policy-making insight. Position your firm to set the standard for your area of focus.

Local Focus / Expanded Growth

Create a marketing engine to drive expanded growth in your local area. Maximize the return on your advertising spend. Position your firm for command of your local market.

Start Strong / Refresh

Implement a winning strategy to confidently launch your new firm. Refresh your existing brand to reflect an expanded team, changing focus, or new approach.

Our Work

Generating Quality Leads

Helping create a dynamic online presence

Ultimately, the proof of success with any website is in the traffic it generates, and the Jeremy Widder Law website is a definite success. The client notes that their Google My Business search views increased by 39% after the new website was launched.

Increased Traffic, Increased Business, and Increased Revenue

Boosting Search Rank and Revenue at Azemika & Azemika

The Azemikas expressed concern over the company previously running their website. They felt the company’s product looked unprofessional and that content was not updated often enough.

We knew we could help, so we dug into their challenges and created a plan that would help them solve those problems.

Making a Better Legal Website

Award-Winning Design to modernize Law Firm’s Website

Haugen made it clear that they didn’t want to look like every other generic legal website on the internet. We used the information they gave us to create a better, more functional website that could meet their clients’ needs and help the law firm grow its business.

Make evidence based decisions about marketing.

Discover the RIGHT marketing budget for your firm's goals.