Video Production

Our experienced team enables you to leverage the power of video to grow your firm without the need to manage time-consuming details.


Video content is a crucial part of digital marketing in today’s online landscape. It has evolved into the most engaging form of content, and thus can be highly effective at strengthening your online presence.

Our team develops a variety of videos designed to captivate your audience and take your digital marketing to the next level. These videos can be embedded on your website or in your email newsletters, or shared to your various social channels to increase engagement. These services are optimized to be as efficient as possible so you can take minimal time out of your day to get the shoots done, and to take all of the production and planning out of your hands.

Video content that achieves your branding goals

Custom services can include sourcing and coordinating a local videographer, scheduling the on-sight video shoot, social media videos, and ongoing video strategy to ensure the visuals align with the brand and message. Visual Brief to be delivered to videographer, including list of required shots, image specs, firm positioning and messaging, and styling information (colors, tone, etc.)

We develop a variety of types of video content, including:


Introduce your brand to your target audience and spread awareness about your services, experience and knowledge of your practice area.


Go in-depth about a specific type of legal service you provide to your clients to give them important information and to display your credibility.


Record actual clients sharing their experiences with your firm and produce slick testimonial videos that will be powerful and effective for attracting new clients.

Invest in video content to achieve greater engagement and show your audience your firm is on the cutting edge.

Make evidence based decisions about marketing.

Discover the RIGHT marketing budget for your firm's goals.